What does APC Marketing Group provide?

Coaching and Consultation for:

Creation, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of your Marketing Strategy.

Creation and Design of Products and Services

Development and Implementation of Promotion and Outreach

Process Management / Communications / Logistics

Promotion / Advertising / Social Media Management / Affiliate Marketing / Strategic Partnerships

Implementation of tools and software I.T. Platforms for marketing and membership management.

What are the methods that we use to help you?

Phone interviews




Asking critical and important questions

Problem Solving

Connecting to Resources and Strategic Partners

I.T. Setup, Design, Implementation, Management

Phase One

Research and Evaluation of your Marketing Strategy.

What is the Vision for your business and what are your goals?

What are your products and services and how can they be enhanced?

What is your marketing strategy and how can it be improved?

What is your brand, message, promotion and advertising strategy? Who can you reach and how?

What are your financial resources? How can they be most effectively used, increased and enhanced?

What do you do to effectively respond to prospective customers / clients and make sales?

What do you do to maximize profitability?

Phase Two

Creation, Implementation, Evaluation, Improvement.

Design and Structure your brand, services and products.

Create a marketing campaign that contacts, excites and enrolls new clients / customers.

Promote your brand and message via cost effective media channels to generate awareness and sales.

Create, implement and manage the fulfillment processes for sales and payments.

Phase Three

Review and improve marketing strategy

Create and develop new products and services.

Create and Implement strategies for reaching a bigger audience to enroll more clients / customers

Generate more revenue via acquisition of more clients / customers.

Review and improve communications, logistics and services fulfillment.

Review and improve profitability.

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