Services and Capabilities

We specialize in helping our clients increase the productivity and cost effectiveness of their Web presence. We use a variety of tools and techniques. Some of these are free and some have charges and or fees associated with their use.

We gather information and analyze the needs of the client.  Based upon this analysis we develop a comprehensive Internet strategy that capitalizes on strengths within budget constraints. This action plan  will then be integrated into the overall marketing strategy for the business.

Integrating your Web presence into your overall strategic marketing strategy.
Know what you want from your Web site. Capitalize on your strengths.

Enhancing the look, feel and functionality of your Web site.
Enhance the Web site to present a more positive experience to the visitor.
Enable features to create a Web site that will bring visitors back again.

Increase traffic to your Web site.
Bring more of the right kind of visitors to your Web site.

Enable E-commerce functionality.
Implementing cost effective and secure online purchase capabilities

Providing new and exciting content to attract more visitors.
Keeping the site fresh and interesting.

Provide products that can be sold on the Web site.
Sources of income to you that cost you nothing.

Targeted opt – in e-mail.
Not Spam but cost effective e-mail to visitors of your site and other sites like yours.

Develop alliances with other high traffic sites.
Increases awareness of your Web presence.

Monitoring and managing your Web site.
Updating Web pages
Responding to and answering e-mail.
Sending bulk e-mail to the people who visit your site.
Experts in Web design and internet capability monitor your Web site to make sure it is working properly.

Upgrading your Web site to handle more traffic.
Implementing more powerful server capability and bandwidth to handle increased traffic to your site.

Implement Security Features
Making sure your site and information is safe from intruders and hackers.

Develop and manage other media opportunities to create awareness for your site.
Capitalize on opportunities to have your site and business mentioned in other media

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